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Vermont Day Trips

Vermont Natural History Adventures

4 - 8 hours, Spring / Fall

Immerse yourself in the wilds of the Green Mountain State. Travel on land or over water through Vermont's most beautiful natural areas. Search for nesting eagles, watch herons hunting in misty marshes, or glimpse foxes patrolling old fields. See scenic vistas and fall foliage while enjoying stunning wildflowers and waterfalls. Taste the fruits of hidden apple orchards and explore forgotten ghost towns buried beneath the moss and maples of the northern forest. Designed for visitors seeking authentic encounters with Vermont's natural treasures.

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Multi-day Adventures


Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

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As the sun rises over the Rocky Mountains, the resonant sounds of bellowing elk, croaking sandhill cranes, and howling wolves echo across the valley.  Alone in the fragrant sagebrush meadows, you encounter a nursery group of mother elk and newborn calves grazing in the cool morning air. On the hillsides above, your spotting scope focuses in on a pair of courting black bears foraging on fresh alpine wildflowers at the edge of a montane glacier. Nearby, steam rises from the edge of a simmering hot spring. Bison and grizzly tracks skirt the the orange and turquoise rim of the bubbling pool. This is a week-long safari into the heart of the wild. Find out why the 18 million acre Greater Yellow Ecosystem has been hailed as "America's Serengeti," "The World's Wonderland," and "the Land of Fire and Ice."