Yellowstone in Winter- Pt 3

I am now back in Vermont after a third successful expedition with Natural Habitat Adventures / World Wildlife Fund. In many ways, this trip was the culmination of a month of patience, searching and learning in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Among other highlights were a pair of coyotes pouncing on lake trout, good sightings of the Lamar Canyon Pack, and the only bobcat seen along the Madison River this winter. Rarer still, we had Midway and Lower Geyser Basin (aka Grand Prismatic Hot Spring and Fountain Paint Pots) completely to ourselves on one -15F morning.

Yellowstone in Winter - Pt 2

Another beautiful, profound week in Yellowstone full of wildlife interactions and snowy conditions. Our guests saw coyotes fishing for trout in the Madison River, foxes courting in the Tetons, bison fording swift rivers, and wolves traversing fifteen miles of winter landscape in a  single night. Here are  some of the photo highlights.

Yellowstone in Winter

Photographs from the first of three photography expeditions in Yellowstone this winter with Natural Habitat Adventures / World Wildlife Fund. Enjoy!