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Photography for Naturalists at Shelburne Farms


Sunday, June 10, 2018, 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM 

LOCATION: Shelburne Farms

FEE: $65 / person, includes lunch

Learn to harness your camera to become a better naturalist while building the ecological literacy to dramatically improve nature photography.  In this day-long workshop, we’ll practice blending photography techniques and naturalist skills to a achieve a deeper connection with the natural world.  Ideal for all levels of experience.  A digital camera and inquisitive attitude required. Ideal for all levels of experience.

• Participants will leave with beautiful photographs and a powerful new approach to walking in the Vermont woods.
• Morning photographic naturalist walk in Shelburne Farms’ picturesque landscape during prime fall foliage.
• Afternoon workshops on composition and camera technique, tailored to the interests and skills of participants.  
• Photographic ecological “missions” combining natural history investigation with technical photography skills.
• Photography-focused wilderness awareness and mindfulness activities. Optional evening photographic natural history walks.

Registration coming soon. See Shelburne Farms for more info and registration.